Hello I'm Jordon

I’m a Indie game developer with a focus on virtual reality and gameplay programming. I like to work on various hobby projects such as VREngine and learning different languages.


A man with a neutral expression wearing a grey t-shirt and a virtual reality (VR) headset positioned on his head like a hat.

My Story on how I became interested with computers

Once upon a time there was a young boy called Jordon, When he was about five he got his first computer that his granddad had built him.

The Boy liked using computers for playing games and surfing the Internet. It had a white case and wasn’t very powerful, in fact it was running Microsoft Windows 98 which were good for that time before Microsoft windows xp.

As he got to primary school, he found friends. After many years of not having a father, he was lucky enough to get a step father.

When Jordon got to secondary school he liked helping people trying to fix the school computers. In year eight he had to make a website so Jordon learned to use dreamweaver but he did not like the appearance of dragging boxes to make websites as they were slow.

When he got to year 10 he started programing on a small computer called a raspberry pi. His parents had also bought him a raspberry pi for dummies and Jordon used that book to learn how to make a simple website. As years passed he developed his skills and branched his programming into many more languages.